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The gut microbiome and breast cancer prevention

Can your gut help prevent breast cancer?

Closed Recruitment

Health Areas

Breast Cancer, Other Diagnosis and Therapy, Other Digestive System, Other Diet and Nutrition, Other General Health

Study Purpose

Factors like diet and lifestyle affect the gut microbiome (a complex of bacteria and organisms in the intestines). Your microbiome can affect estrogen levels, which is a risk factor for hormone-receptor positive breast cancer. We are comparing the gut bacteria of women with and without breast cancer to explore how therapies targeting the microbiome, like probiotics, may be used as a tool to prevent breast cancer.


We will send you a screening survey (2 min) to determine eligibility for the study. If eligible, we will share a consent form and ask if you are willing to enrol. Participants will complete two online questionnaires on general health (15 min) and dietary history (45 min-1 hr). We will also collect blood and stool samples at two points in time, once upon entry to the study and again six months later. Study results will be shared with participants.


Vancouver Island / Coast

Lower Mainland

Thompson - Okanagan



North Coast and Nechako


recruitment end date



Age: 40 Years - 100 Years Old

Accepting Healthy Volunteers: Yes

Research Team Information

Principal investigator

Rachel Murphy

health authority affiliation

Vancouver Coastal Health

academic affiliation

University of British Columbia - Vancouver

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